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12 reviews for Portable CO2 Meter | CO2 Measuring Device | Air Quality Monitor

  1. Karl

    After using several different brands of CO2 Meters over the last few years, to somewhat unsatisfactory results, I was relieved to find this CO2 sensor.

  2. Paul

    A CO2 monitor tells you how much of the air you breathe is coming from other people’s exhalations. If the CO2 level is too high, you need to leave the space, increase the ventilation, or use an air purifier to filter the air. It is the single most useful item to protect yourself from getting covid19 indoors.

  3. David

    I bought two and they differ by 6-8% whether they’re indoors or out. They’re useful though. I’m more careful about keeping windows open when possible, and I’ve noticed I feel better when it stays below 600.

  4. Wouter

    Bought it for my wife, who works in the schools and where air circulation is poor.

  5. Kayla

    My recent 2021 home energy audit revealed I had high CO2 (1,437 ppm) and I went in search of a best in class CO2 home monitor. I read an online article about CO2 and about the best C02 monitors. I received the monitor and set it and the monitor confirmed my home energy audit report (High CO2). How did I bring down my CO2 levels? I now sleep with the bedroom doors open, some windows open, and all ceiling fans on. When I sleep at night the median level of my CO2 levels is now 750 ppm. During the daytime my windows and doors are open and my levels are between 471 ppm – 510 ppm. I’m sleeping better at night with clear thinking during the day. I’m impressed with the CO2 monitoring device.

  6. Matthew

    Great device to monitor indoor air quality.

  7. Martin Price

    This thing isn’t cheap, but for me it’s been worth it. The thermometer is pretty accurate, as is the CO2 sensor.

  8. Ken M.

    Great little device with an easy to read Co2 readout on the device itself. Many others require you to view data on your phone. Updates on a regular basis 2, 4, 10 minutes, you select the regular intervals when it reads, no having to turn on. It’s always on! I gave one to a friend who is a school administrator and will use to monitor her work area when she returns to school. This really makes you aware of the quality of your surrounding air quality and allows you to take action and see the results.

  9. Adam

    Bought this thing because of the pandemic and the usage of CO2 levels as a good, overall indicator of the safety of indoor spaces. It is terrifying to see how much CO2 can accumulate in a very short time and how some air conditioning units are not set up to renew the air, but just to recycle it, gradually increasing the CO2 levels inside a place. Buy this if you want to be safe, but you will forever be scarred by how easy it is to raise the CO2 levels of a place.

  10. Alex

    Purchased for my mother in when she had to go back to work in person. Gives her peace of mind and helps her monitor how ventilated the classroom is.

  11. James

    It’s exactly what I needed for taking CO2 measurements in the field and in different places in my home while experimenting with different ERVs and home fans. I have two cheaper units that I leave plugged in around my house, but they are bulkier, require wall warts and have more features than I need. I’d buy this one again if I had to choose one of the three I have now

  12. Peter

    I have only used the product for a day, but it seems to be very well made. The screen is very easy to read.

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